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Ad Astra 2020 #1
Boris with a spider

Comparative Morphology Of Ground Spiders

a review article by Prof. Boris Zakharov

Prof. Boris Zakharov began to study spiders in 1995 in AMNH, his PhD thesis was on orb-weaving spiders of USSR South Far East. He began to teach in 2005 at Hostos Community College/CUNY. Boris joined the Natural Sciences department at LaGuardia in 2009.

If you are looking for research opportunities and like spiders please free to contact Prof. Zakharov at

Ad Astra 2020 #2

Information on SARS-2 CoV, the virus causing COVID-19

Available in Spanish, Chinese, Romanian, and English, the public health brochure is the work of LaGuardia students Felipe Perez, Shaopeng Ma, Victor Pleacoff, and Claire Sansaricq.

Designed and supervised by Dr. A. Lucia Fuentes.

Ad Astra 2020 #3

In Search of Life in Universe

by Dr. Boris Zakharov

Are we the only living organisms in a cold lifeless cosmos, or there are another organisms somewhere else? This question has not only a theoretical interest, but also a practical importance. In proposed article, the author discusses what the major properties of Life are and how these properties are generated.

Cover Images © NASA: 2M1207b - First image of an exoplanet