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Ad Astra 2020 #1
Three Monkeys

How do our students feel about Distant Learning?

a questionnaire conducted by a group of NS faculty: Chris Farley, Lucia Fuentes, Xin Gao, Roman Senkov, and Na Xu.

Ad Astra 2020 #3
A lecture

Life after LaGuardia: How to succeed in a four-year college

Dr. Dušana Podlucká interviews two of her former students, Salsabil Hena and Monisha Mohsin, who shared their experiences at LaGuardia and at four-year CUNY colleges.

Ad Astra 2020 #3
from BNL Flickr

Pursuing Research Endeavors Outside of LaGuardia

LaGuardia students Karan Kumar, Rabeca Mohammed, and Josselyn Velasquez share their experience with the research programs and internships they participated in.

Cover Images © BNL: Brookhaven Lab's Alternating Gradient Synchrotron (AGS)

Ad Astra 2020 #3
Dr. Sarah Durand

11 Questions for Dr. Sarah Durand

by Lucia Fuentes and Roman Senkov

Our guest today is a biologist, eco-activist and LaGuardia professor Dr. Sarah Durand. In this one-hour long interview Dr. Durand speaks about her undergraduate years, her passion for biology and theatre, and her path as a scientist. She describes her role in establishing the Environmental Science program at the Natural Sciences department and her work at Newtown creek. A part of the conversation touches on the importance of education; Dr. Durand shares some thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of online learning. At the end of the interview Sarah answers several personal questions inspired by Marcel Proust.