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Ad Astra 2020 #1
Karamoko, Photo 2

Why I Chose Physics as a Major

by Karamoko Soumahoro

Karamoko is a former LaGuardia student who changed his major to physics. After graduating from LaGuardia he went to Stony-Brook University where he received a Bachelor's degree in physics.

Ad Astra 2020 #1
Oxygen Isotopes

Atomic Nuclei and Pairing Correlations

by LaGuardia students Josselyn Velasquez and Bai Huang

This project was done as a part of Honors "College Physics I" class.

Ad Astra 2020 #2
Gaps in Saturn rings

Computer Modelling of Physical Systems

from Planetary Rings to Diffusion and Brownian Motion

Five interdisciplinary research projects conducted by students in Spring 2020 Honors College Physics II and Computer Science classes and supervised by Dr. Doyel Pal and Dr. Roman Senkov.