Ad Astra Newsletter: Issue #2 2023 (published on Dec 07, 2023)
Cover Image by Hreedoy Anirban Khandakar

“Cosmic Canvas: Capturing the Light within the Darkness”

In 'Cosmic Canvas', former LaGuardia student and artist Hreedoy Anirban Khandakar showcases his exquisite talent in astrophotography. A graduate of LaGuardia Community College with an Associate’s degree in Applied Science in Fine Arts Photography, Hreedoy combines his technical prowess with his artistic vision. Khandakar's work invites viewers on an awe-inspiring journey through the cosmos, reflecting his deep passion for celestial wonders.

Cover Image credits: Hreedoy Anirban Khandakar,

Ad Astra Newsletter: Issue #3 2021 (published on Dec 06, 2021)
Cover Photo

“The Moon’s Terminator and Partial Lunar Eclipse” by LaGuardia Society of Physics Students (SPS)

SPS has become active again and invites everyone who is passionate about physics and astronomy to join. These series of photographs were taken by LaGuardia Society of Physics Students supervised by Dr. Roman Senkov.

Cover Image: LaGuardia Society of Physcis Students, The Moon's terminator (taken on 11/10/2021).

Ad Astra Newsletter: Issue #1 2020 (published on May 27, 2020)
Cover Photo

The Orion Nebula

by LaGuardia Society of Physics Students (SPS)

SPS is a very active student organization at LaGuardia. We conduct various physics experiment (Cosmic Ray Detector, Schlieren experiment), hold astronomy events, public lectures, potluck parties, and much more. Join us!