Ad Astra Newsletter: Issue #1 2024 (published on Mar 19, 2024)
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“The Truth and the Scientific Knowledge”

In this article, Dr. Boris Zakharov explores the complex relationship between truth, scientific knowledge, and belief. He discusses how human understanding of the world has evolved from myth to encompass religion, art, and science, each providing a different perspective on truth. Dr. Zakharov argues that scientific knowledge, belief, and moral ethics are inseparable elements that contribute to our pursuit of truth. The article emphasizes that a balance between these elements is essential for a comprehensive understanding of the world and the continued advancement of science.

Ad Astra Newsletter: Issue #2 2020 (published on Jul 23, 2020)
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Signs, Symbols, and Science

by Dr. Boris Zakharov

“It is customary to think about science as a very rich and diverse source of modern knowledge. However, that is not really what science is about. Knowledge is simply a product of the scientific process, and, in and of itself, does not constitute the intellectual framework that is science...”