Ad Astra Newsletter, issue #2 2021 (published on May 26, 2021)
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A Life of Challenge and Wonder

by Jiafeng Chen

Former LaGuardia student Jiafeng Chen tells the story of his academic journey as an aspiring mechanical engineer and offers advice to others who may wish to follow his footsteps. After graduating from LaGuardia, Jiafeng received his bachelor’s in engineering from Stony Brook University. He has been accepted by Columbia University where he will continue studying mechanical engineering.

Ad Astra Newsletter, issue #1 2021 (published on Feb 25, 2021)
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Reimagining the Immigrant identity

by Taisha Pavlica

A graduate of LaGuardia, Taisha Pavlica tells a story of her Venezulean friend, who immigrated to the US, through the lens of a critical social psychology perspective that provides a deeper understanding of an immigrant identity as a socially constructed process.

Ad Astra Newsletter, issue #3 2020 (published on Dec 07, 2020)
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Pursuing Research Endeavors Outside of LaGuardia

LaGuardia students Karan Kumar, Rabeca Mohammed, and Josselyn Velasquez share their experience with the research programs and internships they participated in.

Cover Images © BNL: Brookhaven Lab's Alternating Gradient Synchrotron (AGS)

Ad Astra Newsletter, issue #3 2020 (published on Dec 07, 2020)
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Life after LaGuardia: How to succeed in a four-year college

Dr. Dušana Podlucká interviews two of her former students, Salsabil Hena and Monisha Mohsin, who shared their experiences at LaGuardia and at four-year CUNY colleges.

Ad Astra Newsletter, issue #1 2020 (published on May 27, 2020)
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Why I Chose Physics as a Major

by Karamoko Soumahoro

Karamoko is a former LaGuardia student who changed his major to physics. After graduating from LaGuardia he went to Stony-Brook University where he received a Bachelor's degree in physics.