Ad Astra Newsletter, issue #1 2023 (published on May 22, 2023)
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“Machine Learning, Its Applications and Challenges”

Welcome to the future of technology! In this captivating exploration, Dr. Yun Ye from the MEC department dives into the mesmerizing world of machine learning and chatbots, specifically the groundbreaking AI, ChatGPT. This artificial brain, developed by OpenAI, is revolutionizing how we interact with machines. It reads, understands, and replies with a depth and nuance that feels incredibly human. Intrigued? Let's unlock the secrets behind this digital wizardry, and discover how it's shaping our tomorrow!

Cover Image: Gerd Altmann, from Pixabay

Ad Astra Newsletter, issue #3 2020 (published on Dec 07, 2020)
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Signal Modulation in Underwater Communications

A LaGuardia environmental engineering student Syeda Mehjabin investigates the basics of underwater communication and the issues this technology encounters. The research focuses on signal modulation and its application in acoustic communication.

The work is done under the supervision of Dr. Yun Ye.