Ad Astra Newsletter: Issue #1 2022 (published on Feb 14, 2022)
Cover Photo

Wedding Traditions From Around the World

edited by Filip Stabrowski and Liena Vayzman

Learning about our faculty, staff, and students’ histories and experiences is an important part of our learning process itself. This collection of essays and photos about wedding traditions contributed by LaGuardia’s faculty, staff, and students is illustrative of this dynamic. Drawn from their direct knowledge and experiences, this selection of essays explores traditional practices, rituals, and beliefs – and the meanings behind them. Collectively, they weave a wonderful tapestry depicting the variety of ways of thinking about, representing, and performing wedding rituals.

Cover Image Source: personal photo archives of Indira Persaud, Roman Senkov, and Na Xu.

Ad Astra Newsletter: Issue #1 2021 (published on Feb 25, 2021)

The Magic of Microbes behind Sourdough Bread

by LaGuardia Health Sciences Professor, Dr. Nicolle Fernandes

This is the first in a series of articles discussing the Science of Food Production. This article focuses on the history and science behind Sourdough Bread Baking.