Ad Astra Newsletter: Issue #1 2022 (published on Feb 14, 2022)
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The Remote Learning Diaries

by LaGuardia STEM club

In this article, LaGuardia students and members of the college STEM club - Selassie Mawuko, Ritika Talwar, and Hui Shan Zhou Peng, present a brief summary of their experiences and learning incurred during the club activities. In particular, they provide here a detailed narrative of the discussions on Remote learning moderated by them on behalf of the club.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash.

Ad Astra Newsletter: Issue #3 2021 (published on Dec 06, 2021)
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“The Moon’s Terminator and Partial Lunar Eclipse” by LaGuardia Society of Physics Students (SPS)

SPS has become active again and invites everyone who is passionate about physics and astronomy to join. These series of photographs were taken by LaGuardia Society of Physics Students supervised by Dr. Roman Senkov.

Cover Image: LaGuardia Society of Physcis Students, The Moon's terminator (taken on 11/10/2021).

Ad Astra Newsletter: Issue #1 2021 (published on Feb 25, 2021)
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LaGuardia STEM Club

by Rabeca Mohammed, the club president

Do you like STEM? Interested in joining a student-run STEM club? Rabeca is a Mechanical Engineering sophomore at LaGuardia Community College. Rabeca shares her experience of being the president of the STEM club and tells us about the activities and projects conducted by the club members. Hit the STEM club up on IG @lagccstem.

Ad Astra Newsletter: Issue #2 2020 (published on Jul 23, 2020)
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Physiology & Behavior Journal Club

by Daniella Leon

Daniella majored in the public health field and graduated this Spring, with honors, from LaGuardia Community College. Daniella will begin her studies at Hunter's School of Public Health this Fall.

Ad Astra Newsletter: Issue #1 2020 (published on May 27, 2020)
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Women in Technology Club

a welcome note by the club president Anastasia Aponte.

We are a diverse team of STEM students ranging from game development/design to mechanical engineering who pool our efforts together to create an environment built for success. Join us!