Ad Astra Newsletter, 2020/1 (published on May 27, 2020)
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“Los Heraldos Negros” by César Vallejo

The great Peruvian poet César Vallejo speaks to us about how we, as humans, go through painful experiences, some so profound, we cannot begin to explain or understand them. We share this poem to express our solidarity to all of those who have lost loved ones.

Ad Astra Newsletter, 2021/2 (published on May 26, 2021)
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Hafez's “The Lost Joseph”

recited by Dr. Maria Entezari

A reference to Prophet Joseph’s Surah in the Quran, this poem beautifully unveils how patience, tolerance, forgiveness, faith, and belief in God can open doors for us and help us to overcome all hardships. In this poem, Hafez wants to tell us that with hardship there is also ease if we do not lose our hope.

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